9 Track Tape Drives

Some specifications for our most popular drives are below. We have more detailed specifications if you need them.

Hewlett Packard 88780 (7980)

HP 88780 drive is our premier 9 track tape drive. Most of our customers purchase this drive as part of a complete package containing the drive, a controller card, software, cable and free technical support.

hp88780 tape drive

SCSI packages for Win95/98/ME® come with ElectroValue® software. SCSI packages for Win 2000/XP® come with DCX® brand software. This drive is shown without the optional desktop enclosure.

1600 / 6250 density standard. 800 bpi is optional at $295 extra.

High reliability. Built-in diagnostics. Auto loading and auto threading 512k Cache buffer (1 megabyte option available)

Compact form factor Handles 6", 7", 8.5", 10.5" reels. Rack mountable or use with an optional desktop enclosure optional desktop enclosure.

PERTEC or SCSI (single ended or differential) interfaces available

Complete Pertec packages include drive, 16 bit controller card, cable, software, and comprehensive manual. Pertec package requires a PC running DOS® or Windows 95/98/ME® with an empty ISA slot.

Complete SCSI packages include drive, SCSI controller card, cable, terminator, software, and comprehensive manual. SCSI packages using ElectroValue software require a PC running Windows 95/98/ME® with an empty PCI slot.

SCSI packages using DCX® software require a PC running Windows 2000,XP,7® with an empty PCI slot.

The HP88780 (also know as 7980) is an auto loading tape drive that operates at 1600 bpi PE and 6250 bpi GCR densities. This drive operates at 125 inches per second tape speed to achieve maximum streaming performance. 

Physical specifications: 8.75 " high, 19.0" wide, 26.5" deep. (mountable in a standard 19" equipment rack). Weight 85 pounds + packing carton.

Model; Format Drive Only Win/95/98/ME Package Win Xp/7 Package
HP88780 SCSI 1600/6250 call call call
HP88780 Diff 1600/6250 call call call
HP8870 Pertec 1600/6250 call call n/a

All of our HP 88780 drives come with 1 Megabyte memory option as a standard courtesy by us.

Qualstar 3400 Series 9-Track Tape Drives

Qualstar 3400 series 9 track drive

These 9 track tape drives feature autoloading, easy to use controls, front-panel digital display, and built-in diagnostics, including automatic calibration and performance monitoring functions.

These drives are available in 1600/6250 or 800/1600/3200/6250 versions. The 3400 series drives read and write data on almost all platforms (assuming software or native support is available) including Windows® computers, IBM® mainframes and mincomputers, Apple®, RS/6000, Sun, DEC, HP 9000, Data General, SGl, Unisys, and many others.

Cipher F880

Cipher F880 tape drive

The Cipher F880 is easily the world's most popular 9 track mini-computer tape drive. This auto loading drive streams at up to 100 Inches per second. This drive is shown with the optional desktop enclosure. This drive has a Pertec interface.

F880 physical specifications: 8.75 inches high, 19.0 inches wide, 24.5 inches deep. (mountable in a standard 19 inch equipment rack). Weight 85 pounds plus a packing carton.

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Which brand drive should you consider?

  • If you have Cipher drives and are comfortable using and servicing them, you may want to stick with them.
  • If you are buying a drive for the first time, we suggest you seriously consider the Hewlett Packard drives.
  • If you want a drive to read in oil and gas exploration tapes, please call us because you may need a drive to read in large blocks.

We are an excellent source of quality refurbished 9 track tape drives.

We have many years of experience providing tape drives to many companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.