Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell and ship out of the U.S.A?

Yes, we sell and ship to companies and individuals in almost any country.

What kind of files do your packages work with?

Fixed length records in EBCDIC, ASCII or binary data allow our ElectroValue® software to do an amazing job at sorting, reading and processing records. We can read in ASCII, EBCDIC, binary, seismic, and almost all other data.

Can I send you a sample tape or cartridge to convert?

Yes. We will convert the data and return a portion of it to you for your approval.

What do you mean by refurbished drives? Aren't they just used drives?

All drives we sell are refurbished. Refurbishing usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Cleaning the drive and replacing worn or damaged parts.
  • Upgrading firmware.
  • Checking head alignment and read/write compatibility to ensure that the drive meets specs.
  • Checking to ensure the drive meets general factory specs.
  • Putting the drive through a burn-in process to help uncover problems.

What do I need to read in or write tapes?

Our complete packages include a drive, controller card (Pertec or SCSI depending on the drive interface), software, a comprehensive manual, all necessary cables, and free technical support. All you supply is the computer with a free slot and operating system.

What kind of warranty do you have?

Our tape drives come with a 12 month warranty. In addition, everything we sell has free lifetime technical support from us.

I'm not sure what I need. Can you help?

Yes. Please call us or use the contact form on the contact us page.

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