Since 1985 our tape drive to PC packages have been used by data processing companies, oil and gas companies, independent data processors, and others worldwide who convert data between 9-track tape or 3480/3490 cartridges and PC.

Typical uses for 9 track and cartridge drives change through the years with seismic oil and gas exploration being one of the most popular now. We can help you choose the correct 9 track or cartridge drive to use to read in your special tapes. We ship to destinations worldwide including Canada, Mexico, and South America, as well as the Far East.

If you just have a few tapes or cartridges to read in and don't want to buy a drive take advantage of our data conversion services. Does your drive need repair? We offer repair services too.

Have a drive and a Windows® computer and simply need software? No problem, we offer software too. We carry DCX software for Windows XP/7® in addition to our own ElectroValue® brand of software for Windows 95/98/ME® and DOS® legacy systems.

Download our software manual in PDF form from our software page. Compare the data conversion features of our 9 track/cartridge tape drive software to the features of other 9 track/cartridge tape drive software. You will see that our software features set us apart.

Do you have 9 track tapes that have not been stored in a low humidly environment and are now sticky? We now offer precision baking which subjects the tape to a specific amount of heat at low humidity for enough time to remove the humidity in the tape substrate. We can then easily read these 9 track tapes. Check out our data conversion services.

You will have confidence when you get your drive and software from a company whose main business is tape drive to PC packages. Others simply sell drives with third party software. How well do they know someone else's software? With ElectroValue® you get software tested to work with the drives in our packages.

Many companies are moving their data processing operations from minicomputers and mainframes to PC based operations and using our 9 track and 3480/3490 packages to handle their magnetic tape conversion needs.

You can have confidence and save substantially by buying a refurbished tape drive. Thousands use our refurbished tape drive packages. Check our customer list.

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magnetic tape conversion

You can count on us for good advice on your tape drive and data processing needs.

We have many years of experience providing tape drives and data processing and data conversion services for many companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Mag Tape Conversion

We can convert 9 track tapes or cartridges with ASCII, EBCDIC, or Binary data. You can get your data back by DVD or ftp. If you have 9 track tapes which have become sticky from not being stored in a low humidity environment we can remove moisture from the tape substrate by precise heating in a low humidity environment allowing the tapes to be read.

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9 Track Drives

From the HP 88780/7980 workhorse to specialty drives to read in seismic (oil and gas exploration) data, we have a 9 track drive that can suit your needs. You can purchase a drive package with a SCSI interface drive along with SCSI drive software that runs on your PC with a PCI slot and running Windows 95® through Windows 7®.

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3480/3490/3490e Drives

You can take your pick from desktop drives able to read and write 18 track and 36 track cartridges and add on SCSI software and a SCSI controller card to make a complete package to read and write 3480, 3490 or 3490e cartridges using your Windows® based PC with a PCI slot. Our software can read in ASCII, EBCDIC and binary data.

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